Tiny C


Your body will stop producing the chemicals needed to make you hard and big. In fact, it will make your penis very tiny and small. You find it very hard to get an erection, and no matter how hard you try–it just will not happen.

“My expectations were kind of low—I’ve listened to lots of different downsizing files, including ones that claim to be permanent, etc. A lot of them didn’t do anything; some worked quite well but wore off pretty much immediately upon exiting trance. This one is a rare surprise, because after literally one listen, here I am staring down at a smaller package. Nothing drastic—by my own measure, about half an inch smaller when hard—but it’s been hours, and I still can’t get it to go to full size. This is the first “permanent” one that I’ve had success with, so I might have to actually consider whether I should go further. I’m a bit used to getting off scot free—haha. And it’s surprisingly intense to actually be stuck (potentially indefinitely) smaller downstairs.”

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