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You live to take care of domestic duties. You love to clean, do laundry, wash, iron, tidy up, shop, etc. You this all very quickly and you do it well. You work as fast as possible and dont stop. You find a deep pleasure in serving like this, and it is completely natural. You always wear your uniform (shirt and tie if at all possible).

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  1. Lester Dickhertz (verified owner)

    I’ve had a crush on my straight neighbour since I moved in my place 2 years ago. He does a lot of work on his car and our shared lawn. We haven’t really talked that much, we just say hi to each other in passing.

    After listening to Domestic Servant today, I had the courage I needed to approach him and ask what he was working on. I didn’t understand what he told me (it was car related) but I asked him if he needed help. He said he didn’t, but I offered to sweep his garage because it was dirty.

    He eyed me suspiciously, especially since I was in a shirt and tie, shrugged, then said okay. I spent an hour sweeping his garage floor, and when I was done, mopped the floor near the door to his house.

    Garbage collection is tomorrow morning. Without asking, I took his garbage and recyclables out to the curb when I took out mine.

    I think he might understand the dynamic. He knows now I’m submissive. He didn’t thank me when I was done, and I was okay with that. I brought him a beer and said I’d see him around.

    I highly recommend Domestic Serve. I plan on doing more for my neighbor, and anyone else for that matter.

    • Jackson

      AMAZING effect! Great job. Please give more results for any other files as well

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