Alternate Persona



Open up to a completely new persona. You can become anyone

Just imagine being exactly who you would like to be in any given situation!
It’s actually perfectly normal when you have multiple personas that work together in a healthy way. In fact, you would be crazy if your personality never changed around different people or places!

Let the new YOU come out whenever the time is right

You could be a different person when you are at a party, or a different person when you are going for a run, and a different person when you’re at work.
Being able to switch personas quickly makes you more fun to be around–comedians do this all day long!
Have you ever been the wrong person at the wrong time? Were you ever angry when you should have been passive?
How about that time you were passive when you should have defended yourself or a loved one?
Have you ever thought of the perfect comeback after the situation has passed (because you were the wrong person at the time)?
Or that time that you were the Analytical You when the Party-And-Fun You should have been there?
You already have the personalities you need within you. Some of them you’ve seen before, but some of the greatest ones are hidden, without ever coming out yet.

Stop being the singular you when another part is longing to come out!

If there is an exact persona that you would like to take on, you can also get a Custom File. We’ve seen so many INCREDIBLE CHANGES with these techniques, making people into entirely new beings.

Legal Disclaimer:
This product is not meant to treat any physical or mental disorder. If you are having psychological issues with multiple personalities, we recommend you see both a medical doctor and a licensed hypnotherapist. Never listen to this recording any time that you are driving, or any other time that it is not safe to fall asleep. We are not responsible for any loss or damage done to you as a result of listening to this.


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