All JackStock Ero files


A collection of 150+ files, intended just for pure listening/watching pleasure. All video and audio files included.

You will find a few unexpected surprises, too.

If you buy this, you get access to all future files as well. Price will go up every time a new file is added, but you will already have access to every new file, for life.

After purchase, you will get access to a text file. In this text file you will get a link to download the audio/video files.

These files are separate from the Self-improvement/Transformation collection.



  1. robksf (verified owner)

    Wow – paid and instantly got access to all his audio and video content … including some I didn’t even know about. I’m going to be busy this weekend!

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    Astounding effects! Master Jack, I call Him Master cuz He can see into my soul. The erotic files that He draws me to are exactly what I need to hear! It awakens in me what is already there & nurtures it, & frees me to more fully embrace my submissive nature in wanting, NO, needing to serve real Men, like Master Jack. I’m not fully there yet but we’ll on my knees on the road submissive obedience! Thank you Master Jack. I love You!

  3. RedWard (verified owner)

    The erotic bundle purchase has been a real gayme changer for me. I listen to a number of files every day & have already noticed much improved state of mind towards service & submission. When out in public, I have more advanced discernment & joy in observing the attributes & endowment of the Men I pass by, & give discrete indication of my desire to be of service for those Men seeking same. I love Master Jack, His endowment displayed in His video files, & the TLC that He invests in those that seek His wisdom, & guidance.

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